Saturday, 18 August 2012

Parrtyyyy #16

Last night I went to a friend's party, and even though it was a birthday party, it was kinda like a "goodbye I might not see you in a while" party.
Call me a part pooper but I didn't drink too much. I have to work this weekend waawaaa. It was fine, a few people didn't drink anyway since they were either working the next day or driving home.
So anyway, I hope my friends learnt a valuable lesson from last night - NEVER EVER play ring of fire.
Some of my friends/idiots decided it would be so much fun to play and voila - chaos ensues.
What's worse is that they added the craziest of rules, like spitting in to the middle cup and stripping and mouth to mouth drink transfer.
One of the guys stripped right down and only had a cushion to cover his modesty. Shame I had no pictures, I'm sure he'd love it if they were on facebook.
Turns out he soiled the cushion anyway, there were telltale white marks after which was so gross - the hostess was retching hahaha.

Ring of fire rules - just in case you wanted to play, prep your liver and stomach first though!

Don't get me wrong, drinking games can be fun but this was villlleeee, I nearly barfed watching the mouth to mouth drink passing, one guy almost chundered into someone else's mouth.
Let's just say they are more fun to watch than play.

Now that all my friends have got their places/jobs sorted, it's only a matter of time before we actually leave. Someone's holding a final goodbye party at the end of the month, so it's not goodbye quite yet.

Everyone's saying that they'll come visit eachother, but is it bad of me to say that I kind of don't want to travel to see anyone?
I'm miles away from everyone else, people are up in Edinburgh and Lancaster, Loughborough, Nottingham and Cambridge  - I don't really fancy travelling halfway across the country to spend what... a day with them? I reckon they're being a bit too optomistic. Besides we'll see eachother when we get home for Christmas and what not.
Even if I am reluctant to go see them when term starts, I will miss them but uni's kind of like another chapter (sorry so the cliche book-life comparison) that I can't wait to write.

I can't believe that a year ago was as results day and the rest of the holiday was spent writing that freaking personal statement. It's so crazy that it's all kind of... happening for me?! whhaaat I'm a med fresher.

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