Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Asian Food Shopping and Last Minute Cramming #4

Today has been... a productive day. I've spent the last 7 hours doing chemistry papers - I must have done at least 6 papers. So much for being chilled out about the exam - I lied, now I'm worried.

My parents spent the day out going Asian grocery shopping, which I was kind of jealous about. I really love going to the Asian supermarkets because of the weird and wonderful things there that you don't see in your regular Tesco's. Instead of joining them, I thought it'd be best if I kept my head down and practiced for tomorrow's chemistry paper.

When they got home just now, they did bring back some goodies for me and my siblings. I could do with this more often!
definitely the best pick-me-up I've had in a while!
like all my work in the background? ;)
I guess I should do some more last minute cramming - nothing like a bit of nucleophilic substitution to stimulate the brain cells, before catching some 90210 and hitting the hay. It's an early start tomorrow morning, can't believe all my exams are at 9am...

All my posts have been about exams - I swear there's more to my life than exams, it's just that when the exam season comes I just get engulfed in all the study work.

Right, time to plug in my headphones and return to the realms of my textbooks.

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