Sunday, 10 June 2012

Facebook and Friends #2

Feeling pretty proud of myself right now - I managed to some revision and a few past papers without getting distracted by various social networking sites and the tv.
I logged on to facebook to find myself bombarded with depressing statuses (stati? What is the plural of status?). I won't ever understand why people use facebook as a therapist. Please hire a professional who will listen to your woes because I don't want to.
Instead of keeping up to date with my friends and classmates, I get some self-loathing, emotionally driven comments fill up my feed. The worst case I've ever seen is the sad face status :(
"what's wrong?"
"don't worry..."
What's even the point of that status?!

On a lighter note, I have a new found appreciation for the shuffle button on iTunes - I totally forgot I had some classic songs on there. This shuffle session has reignited my love for Busted. My new guilty pleasure, with some McFly on the side ;)

Is it me or is Train's song Drive By super catchy? I can't stop singing it since I heard it again on the radio the other day. Hopefully I won't overplay it to death like I do with all my other songs (RIP We Are Young). iTunes shouldn't have a replay button :P
Though my latest obsession has got to be Paloma Faith's Picking Up The Pieces. Normally Paloma's music is a bit too wacky for me but it's actually alright after a few listens (reminds me of Gotye in that sense, I happened to hate Somebody That I Used To Know until I listened to it like, 10 times?)

Anyway, Desperate Housewives finale tonight - since I live in the UK, it's only just about to air. The promos look so good!? My Sunday nights are going to be boring after that, which might encourage me to actually do some more work out of boredom - it might actually do me some good?!

I just want these exams to be over so I can go on holiday with my friends - nowhere far, just down to Cornwall since none of us can afford flights abroad with the uni fast approaching. Hopefully the weather will be nice (awww who am I kidding, this is England?!) and I hope I don't fall out with anyone - I have a funny feeling that one or two people might annoy me...
Still, only 2 more exams to go, this time in 2 weeks time I'll be on holiday! It just can't come fast enough.

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