Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crazy Birthday #7

I haven't posted in a while since a lot of things have happened...

After my parents banned me from going on holiday, I was pretty pissed and decided to organise my own little get together for my birthday before hitting the pub afterwards - I messaged everyone to see whether they were free.
Most of the boys were up for the pub but not available in the afternoon for a mini party - a standard response.
The girls on the other hand were all a bit funny; S who is an iPhone addicted is normally the first to respond, but this time she didn't even text back. The only one who did was the girl who never ever ever uses her phone.
Fair enough, pub crawl it was!

My birthday was last month (oopsie - June 29th) and I was in the front room with my sister, E when we heard a car pull up outside - I turned to E and said how much I hated people parking outside our house since it gives me the creeps and makes me all paranoid that they're going to break in and steal our stuff. E looked outside and just said that there were some lads outside... GREEEAAAT.

The doorbell rang and all I can picture in my head is a bunch of big guys about to barge their way into our house and rob us. I answered the door and nobody was outside but I hear talking and I see a random box of cake on top of our hedge...
My friends are the best hiders ever!

Massive shock though, my friends all jumped out and surprised me!? Turns out my parents had already organised a secret surprise party for my 18th - it's so unlike them to do anything like this.

Had the most amazing day and in the evening we went out to the pub to buy my first ahem, legal drink.
Cheers to being 18!

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