Monday, 30 July 2012

Olympics and Rather Lovely Athletes #12

I have mixed feelings about the Olympic opening ceremony, and whilst the whole nation seems to be raving about it, I don't really know what to make of it.
The British in me really wants to like it, but unfortunately I didn't find it as impressive as I had hoped it to be.
Don't get me wrong, I admire the work of Danny Boyle and all the people who helped, volunteered and performed during the ceremony but it was just a little underwhelming.
It started off with a mini history lesson, with the countryside and Glastonbury Tor - which I just to happened to live near - Brunel and the Industrial Revolution, Suffragettes, World Wars. Danny Boyle did an amazing job by putting British history at the forefront, but after speaking to some of my European friends, it was apparent that the rest of the World didn't really get it all.

Nevertheless, there were aspects that I really liked. I loved the concept of including the NHS in the ceremony and thought it was so well executed. Public healthcare is one of the reasons why I'm so grateful to be living here as opposed to the US. I also really liked the little scene between Mr. Bond and the Queen - my sister's so gullible, she actually thought the Queen jumped out the helicopter.
The cauldron was pretty cool too, I love how each country "contributed" to it and it looked pretty neat.

So now that the Olympics are officially on the go, the TV's been on constantly and I've been watching some events. I've been flitting back and forth between them - Tom Daley just missed out on the synchronised 10m diving and Zara Phillips seems to be doing pretty well - but I've been following the Hockey and Women's Football especially.
The GB vs Japan Women's match was so good. There were some awesome goals, captain got her jaw smashed in - which by no means is a good thing, rather it looked hideously painful - but team spirit has been sky high.

I feel like the Olympics is a free perving session all the time! So many rather lovely athletes, especially swimmers and the American gymnastics squad (LOOK AT THEM!!) and some of the hockey players. All my friends rave about Michael Phelps, but I've never really considered him that good looking - yes he has a nice bod on him, but Lochte is gorgeous o_O

Oh look the men's gymnastics is on ;)

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